Clay Pots

Clay Pots Poem Red Raincoat Creations








by Karma Pratt

We are

all of us


under the weight

of the world’s tragedies

poured out over us –

So much despair.

Created as

vessels of grace,

but filled to brimming

with our collective heartache


We begin to crumble,

our terra cotta edges losing

their shape and their ability

to pour out love.

For this is what the Potter intended –

to pour out love,

to overflow

from grace to grace

like a champagne fountain –

love flowing from the top down,

tumbling from one


to another,

spilling over

to the next

and the next

and the next,

a glittering cascade of goodness.

The glitter and glory is not ours, however.

It does not come from us,

was never meant to be ours to give;

rather it’s a gift freely given.

So we’re made of clay –

humble origins –

a reminder of our earthy roots.

Our sturdy purpose:

to lift and serve.

We are built

to live in relationship

with each other

and with God.

We are built

to lift each other up,

help each other out,

hold each other close.

In times of trouble and celebration alike,

our collective clay pots

rise high in the sky


teetering occasionally,

but always lifting,

always held up and strengthened

by the love of the One who shaped our clay.

We become the offering,

conduits of grace

filled to overflowing,

continually renewed,

as we pour out divine love.

No longer crumbling at the edges,

we are

refined souls

of silver and gold,


in the becoming.

We are one in all, all in one.


originally published October 4, 2015

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