#OneWord365: Life

#oneword365 Red Raincoat Creations #life 2017

Words have been critically important to me all of my life. As a child, when I wasn’t reading, I was playing imaginary games like “library”. I was being held captive by new and fresh ideas, all of which were made possible through books containing those magical passageways to other worlds: words.

Further to my love of reading words, there has always been a longing within me to make ideas known. As a communicator – one who is constantly engaging in discussion and dialogue – I find myself going through the process daily of choosing the right words. Words require specificity. Words are meant to be carefully chosen. And I love an abundance of words (as evidenced by the lengthy conversations I initiate lol).

Imagine the challenge of having to choose only ONE word to guide my steps in 2017!  I first learned about #oneword365 from Sarah Bessey.  As always, her thoughtful explanation of what her one word means for her in 2017 was enough to make me sit up and take notice.

Others have done similar word exercises each year: Chris Brogran’s My Three Words is equally as inspiring.

When I looked further into the concept of #oneword365, I was hooked. I had already prayerfully considered my personal goals for 2017. #oneword365 helps me to stay focused on those goals.

For my part, I am choosing #Life in 2017.

Throughout 2016, God showed me ways to live fully and be present, especially in the life of our family and within our community. For 2017, I believe He’s taking me to the next level when it comes to living fully and loving well.

#Life will begin to look different as I continue on this path. God has pinpointed some practices and habits that need to change if I am to truly follow hard after the goals, dreams and desires that God has placed in my heart. There will be pruning and cutting away, as well as nurturing and adding in practices that honour God.

Praying for life to the full to be poured out over, in and through me, requires discipline on my part. I must become an active participant in my own healing and God is showing me the way one step at a time.  My prayer is that He would leave no stone unturned. Let the light in and let the healing transform.

I’ll be blogging about my #oneword365 journey as it unfolds. I hope you’ll join me.

3 thoughts on “#OneWord365: Life

    • karma says:

      Isn’t it great?! I often wonder why I’m just hearing about these things for the first time 🙂 So happy to be coming alongside you on this #oneword journey this year!


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