#HHHMScrewResolutions: A New Type of Challenge

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook group I love: Healthy Habits Happy Moms. HHHM was founded by three women, Jen, Lauren and Annie. They are passionate about helping mom’s become healthier and happier without going to extremes. In other words, they’re what I’ve been searching for!

There’s a lot of crazy information out there in the world of health, fitness, and diet. And everywhere you turn there’s another quick fix that promises unattainable results served with a side of shame and guilt when you feel you can’t measure up to the unrealistic expectations. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve run the gamut when it comes to extremes, from trying to change every bad habit at once, to falling back into every bad habit full force.

The truth is there’s no quick fix when it comes to learning to love yourself. Sometimes there’s a lot of harm that’s been done, and we require time and grace to learn to live fully and love well.

I’ve already decided to choose #Life in 2017. The #HHHMScrewResolutions Challenge helps me do just that! I’ll be posting my challenge updates here throughout the month of January. Looking forward to seeing what a month of positive, sustainable, healthy habit forming looks like! I hope you’ll join me. Let’s be happy and healthy together! 😀

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