My Three Words


Inspire. Create. Bloom.

These are my three words* for 2018.

Last year I chose one word to describe my focus for the year. The word was “Life”. In retrospect, I should have been more clear.

Looking back over 2017, I can see clearly that Life took the time to kick some sense into me. Hard. When I wasn’t looking.

2017 was a wake up call, a ceaseless journey into the letting go of what was, or more appropriately, what I thought was. Let me explain. My perspective shifted. All the things I thought I was, all the labels I have previously used to describe myself were stripped away.

2017 was the year of the unmaking. I became a seed planted deep in the earth. It was fairly well impossible to see in the dark, but those forces I thought were destructive were actually allowing me to germinate.

2018 is a year for growth. It is a time to dwell in the place I have been planted, putting down roots and shooting tendrils skyward simultaneously. It is a time to bloom. The earth is giving way to sunlight, and those two, combined with the living water that nourishes my soul, are moving me forward.

2018 is also a time of inspiration. Did you know that the word inspire means, “to breathe life into”? I am relying on the inspiration of God to breathe life into these tired bones, to infuse my world with a new and fresh perspective that I intend to share in the words I write and the life I live.

It is my hope that there will be more poetry and musings on these pages in 2018. Red Raincoat Creations is shifting away from creating content just for the sake of creating, and moving toward – I hope – a more inspired approach to blogging. Honesty and authenticity are required if we are to live passionate, persistent, vibrant lives.

If you missed some of the transition from seed to seedling, you can check out some of my monthly contributions to the InScribe Writers Online blog. Check back often, as there are many incredible writers featured on this blog dedicated to exploring the themes of writing and faith!

Some of my recent InScribe blog posts:

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*Special thanks to Chris Brogan for his inspiration for My Three Words.

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