The idea for the Red Raincoat came from a dream. In the dream, my red raincoat was hanging from the wall on a coat peg. Its rich, vibrant colour caught my attention immediately. I felt elated that I had such a lovely coat. Not only would it protect me during life’s storms, it was stylish and I just knew it fit me perfectly. It was made for me.
As I walked closer to the red raincoat hanging on the wall, my excitement turned to despair. I realized that someone had maliciously cut the coat with a pair of sharp scissors. There were huge slashes all along the side of the coat, rendering it completely useless. The dread settled into the pit of my stomach, heavy, heartbreaking. I realized that I was the one who had ruined my red raincoat. I was the culprit. My inner saboteur had caused the destruction of one of the most beautiful and special creations I had ever owned.

I woke from that dream overwhelmed. It felt so tangible, so real. And it was. Truly, I had been sabotaging my own best efforts for years. I was a chronic binge eater, and addict. My physical health was in ruins, and my mental and emotional health was teetering on the brink of collapse. My spiritual life was nonexistent and I was walking in darkness. I often said I wanted to make changes in my life, but my actions never actually reflected my thoughts. I was broken and in desperate need of change.

Waking from the dream, I knew one thing: I was determined that my red raincoat would become a symbol of hope, rather than despair. I was determined that I would learn to live fully, love well, and embrace the life that was trying to surface within me. I was going to meet my saboteur head on, and let her know who was really in charge.

That was back in 2009.

There’s been a lifetime worth of living that’s happened between then and now. I’ve worked hard to create positive, lasting changes in my life. It’s a journey, not a one and done kind of deal. I’m thankful for the opportunity to continually learn, grow and transform.

The seed that was planted with that dream of the red raincoat continues to grow into something beautiful. Now my life is lived from a place of integrity, honesty, respect, love and fun. I am a work in progress, and I’m okay with that.

My writing is informed by a diversity of experiences as a Christ follower, mom, wife, encourager, healer, visionary (to name just a few of the ways I move through the world).

Red Raincoat Creations was founded on the belief that we all have the ability to learn, grow and change. We can transform from the inside out. My life is proof of that.

Red Raincoat Creations is a place where we get to try, and try again.

It’s a spark of possibility, an opportunity to do things differently, a safe place to create and make new.

It’s a place where we can learn and grow together in all the ways that matter.

It’s where the seeds of possibility transform into Passionate. Persistent. Vibrant. Life.

In gratitude,

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