Web Content

Do you need help creating new content for your website, or would you prefer a review and edit of your current site content? Either way, I can help!

Content Writing for Web
I will draft original content for your website as directed by you. Let your message, mission, vision and values shine with words that reflect who you are and what you do.

Content Editing / Proofreading
I provide feedback on existing site content, checking for grammatical and spelling errors, and making updates to your site for you. Saves you time and gives you peace of mind!

Website Updates
Simple and fast: I will update existing site content (all content to be provided by you, the client, in advance).

Research / Data Collection
Depending on your needs, web content creation and management can be tailored to suit your project. I provide detailed research for site content so you can rest assured that your site is accurate, relevant and engaging for your audience. (to be assessed on a per project basis).

SEO Consulting
Let me help you assess potential SEO improvements, provide recommendations for implementation, do keyword research, and draft original content to suit your needs and goals.

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