Now Exiting: Try Harder (or learning to flip the switch on mental illness)

Over the last year I have watched myself turn to rubble and begin to be rebuilt again. Grace and wisdom has continued to reach me in the midst of the chaos. As head knowledge becomes heart wisdom, I begin to see the picture a little more clearly.

#HHHMScrewResolutions: A New Type of Challenge

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook group I love: Healthy Habits Happy Moms. HHHM was founded by three women, Jen, Lauren and Annie. They are passionate about helping mom's become healthier and happier without going to extremes. In other words, they're what I've been searching for! There's a lot of crazy information out there in … Continue reading #HHHMScrewResolutions: A New Type of Challenge

#OneWord365: Life

Words have been critically important to me all of my life. As a child, when I wasn't reading, I was playing imaginary games like "library". I was being held captive by new and fresh ideas, all of which were made possible through books containing those magical passageways to other worlds: words. Further to my love … Continue reading #OneWord365: Life